Julia Yoo, Wellesley Alum Works to Reshape Policing

Julia Yoo headshot picture

Katie Noah Gibson
February 16, 2021

As a lawyer, Julia Yoo ’92 has focused much of her career on protecting the rights of people who have been mistreated by police, including people experiencing incarceration, homelessness, and mental health crises. In her new role as president of the National Police Accountability Project (NPAP), Yoo will take that work to the national level.

With more than 500 members, NPAP promotes accountability for law enforcement officers and strategies for ending police brutality. It is, Yoo acknowledges, a daunting and complicated task.

“Inequities in this country are a complex problem that requires a comprehensive solution,” she said. “NPAP trains our members and gives them tools to succeed. We also educate the public and work with our coalition partners so that members of our communities can have their voices heard.”

To advance NPAP’s mission, Yoo says, the organization needs a variety of voices. “The solution to criminal justice problems needs the input and participation of the public,” she said. “Promoting common-sense solutions to policing problems and working on legislation will ultimately ensure fundamental fairness and justice for everyone.”

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