$6 Million Jury Verdict in San Diego Police Misconduct Suit

Kevin Brown and his wife

In July of 2015, Rebecca Brown filed a lawsuit against the SDPD on behalf of her late husband. Nearly five years later, on February 3, 2020, Rebecca’s case was finally heard in court. The jury ruled in Rebecca’s favor, rewarding her compensatory damages that totaled $6 million and punitive damages against Lambert in the amount of $50,000.

As always such a victory is only bittersweet. No amount of money can bring Kevin back, or undo the years of stress and pain that the Browns were made to experience. It is crucial, though, that individuals like Rebecca Brown stand their ground in the face of the kind of mistreatment that she and her husband experienced at the hands of the San Diego police.

We are immensely grateful for Rebecca’s persistence and courage in fighting this case, and for the work of her attorneys, Eugene Iredale, Julia Yoo, and Grace Jun of Iredale and Yoo, APC.

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